Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Fogg Rolls in on the Brewers

The Brewers just didn't have the energy tonight. There were several times that outfielders Corey Hart and Ryan Braun looked lackadaisical. Josh Fogg(sad) earned win in the 12-4 rout of the Brewers.

This one just wasn't pretty folks. Dave Bush again didn't look great, giving up 4 ER over 5.1 innings. There is something up with him this year. His fastball is way down, I'd say by a good 6-7 mph, and it doesn't have that movement at the end that it used to. No snap like it had. He just looks tired. Also he usually has good control. In years past walking players was never really an issue, and for some reason this year it has gotten him into trouble. David Riske didn't look particularly well though he did inherit a few base runners, he gave up a few hits and walked one.

A Derrick Turnbow sighting! T-bow gave up a two run shot, which ended up looking kind of comical as Gabe Gross seemed to corral the ball then have it flip out of his glove and over the wall as he tumbled to the ground. Even Seth McClung entered the game with his own complementary can of gasoline and book of matches. He torched the field giving up 3 walks and 5 hits while allowing 5 runs over two innings. Yikes. It was definitely a sloppy game to watch, and obviously very frustrating at the same time. I was used to watching flawless, or near flawless baseball.

There were some bright spots, Jason Kendall continued to rake and is hitting a NL leading .522 after going 2-4. Also Bill Hall continues to make me look stupid by hitting his 4th home run of the year. And Ryan Braun also hit one out. This game really had a last year mid-season feel to it though; solo home runs, shady relief, and shoddy defense.

However we are still 6-2 and we can still salvage the series tomorrow as the Crew gets Aaron Harang while sending out Carlos Villanueva. The game starts at noon and is FSN. I'm thinking Prince gets his first home run tomorrow. Here's to hoping so.

Box Score

TBC's Player of the Game: Jason Kendall (2) - Not much to go on, but he did go 2-4 with a run in the 5th inning that put the Brewers up 3-2.


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