Monday, April 21, 2008

Looks Like it's Skiles

It appears that after being reportedly in Milwaukee over the weekend, Scott Skiles will likely be the next coach of the Milwaukee Bucks. The New York Post is reporting Skiles has verbally agreed to a deal. No word on when an official announcement is expected.

Skiles is familiar with Milwaukee, having played for the Bucks in the 1986-1987 campaign. He also spent time with Orlando, Indiana, Washington, Philadelphia, and a stint in Greece. His coaching career has brought him to Phoenix and most recently Chicago, where he was fired by the Bulls on Christmas Eve of last year.

Should this report be true, it would give the Bucks a completely different coach than Larry K. Skiles is a hard-nosed guy who's not going to put up with some of the antics of this current Bucks roster.

I'd expect an announcement soon, but again nothing is "official" just yet.

Update: It's official. The Bucks will introduce him this afternoon, and have signed him to a four-year guaranteed contract. The turnaround has begun.


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Someone wake me up when the Sucks don't buck, er, the Bucks don't suck.

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wake up jamjam!

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