Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Raptors Destroy Bucks

So the Bucks lost tonight. This is getting easy. Write a recap about the Bucks losing, write a recap about the Brewers winning. It's sort of a nice pattern I've fallen into, although the Brewers are currently losing to the Reds as I write this.

It was all Raptors tonight as Toronto beat Milwaukee 111-93. And while it sucks that the Bucks definitely appear to be in "tank-mode", there are only four games left to sit through. Then the Bucks will once again have a clean slate, and we can try to turn this thing around next year.

Speaking of turning this thing around, this post is designed less as a recap and more as a plug for Bucks Survivor, which you can find directly under this post. Once again, Awvee Storey didn't see any action tonight, so he couldn't help his cause on sticking around in the game. It looks like he's going to be headed for an early exit.

Unless there's a Save Storey campaign brewing that I'm not aware of.


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