Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fielder Leads Brewers Past Marlins

The Brewers just can not avoid these close games. In their last 11 games, the average margin of victory has been just 1.63 runs per game. Six of those games have been one-run contests, while five have them have gone to extra innings. Saturday night brought another nailbiter, with the Brewers victorious in this one 4-3.

Prince Fielder led the charge for the Brewers, going 2 for 4, scoring three runs. He scored on a squeeze bunt from Villanueva in the 3rd, and then provided the game winning home run with a solo shot in the bottom of the 8th. It was Prince's fourth home run of the year, and third on this home stand.

Carlos Villanueva went six innings, giving up two runs and striking out five. His ERA on the season now stands at 4.66, which is respectable, but may not be enough to save him from an impending roster move. I'd expect either him or Parra to get sent back to Nashville in the next few days, as it looks like Sheets will be ready to go Tuesday. I'm not sure both of them will survive not only the Sheets roster move, but also the move when Cameron able to join the club this Tuesday. As for the rest of the pen, Torres is credited with a blown save, but earns his third win of the year. Gagne pitched quite well to earn his seventh save of the season. although his ERA is a Todd Jones-like 6.75 right now.

The other interesting tidbit is that I was unaware Marlins starting pitcher Mark Hendrickson used to play in the NBA, before he made the switch to the big leagues. In fact, he also had a brief stint in the CBA, as a member of the La Crosse Bobcats. This where where I'd like to thank the guys of some random house party I attended freshman year, because I stole a pretty nice Bobcats mug that currently sits upon my shelf. Thanks, guys!

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TBC's Player of the Game: Prince Fielder (We have a new leader!)


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