Saturday, April 26, 2008

Round 2, Pick 60 - Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn

There was some mixed reaction to the Nelson pick, I think everyone is on board with the Brohm pick, and I'm not expecting too much backlash regarding the pick of Patrick Lee. With their third pick in the 08 draft, the Pack take cornerback Patrick Lee out of Auburn. The Packers needed a corner to provide some quality depth behind the aging Harris and Woodson, and this was about as good of a pick as any. Other teams may have taken different corners at this spot, but Lee is an aggressive and physical guy and should fit into our system nicely, even though we haven't had the best history of drafting corners recently.

In the end, I'm very satisfied with the first day of the draft, and not just because of how awesome the new time format is. The Packers went after their best player available, and filled some key needs in the process. Seriously though, the biggest thing you need to learn from today is that ESPN's draft coverage got destroyed by their challenger from NFL Network. I'm not trying to go all Pro Football Talk on you and praise them because they are a sponsor (clearly, they are not), I'm just saying that watching NFLN was a much better experience than I've heard watching ESPN would have been.

Check back to The Bucky Channel tomorrow for my Day 2 recap posts. I won't be able to go pick by pick tomorrow because of prior commitments, but I'll have analysis up at some point. And while we're here, was anyone else aware Lenny McGill is a scout for the Packers?


Jonk said...

Last year, I thought corner was a real weak spot. As the Packers' first-round pick approached, I was hoping they would grab Leon Hall -- even though I hate rooting for Wolverines. Instead, of course, the pick was Justin Harrell (whom I am still optimistic will be a solid contributor).

Tramon Williams was a nice find and will only get better, and Will Blackmon is good the two games a year he's healthy. But cornerback was obviously still a position where some depth was needed, and I'm glad a first-day pick was used at corner this year.

It looks like Patrick Lee could be a nice fit. Nice size and potential -- somebody who should shine right away on special teams and fill in on defense sporadically in 2008, and ideally fill a starting role in a couple years when Al Harris and/or Charles Woodson say good-bye.

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