Friday, April 11, 2008

Bucks to Hire John Hammond as GM

Ok, so maybe it's not this John Hammond that the Bucks have hired to be their next GM. But a man with the same name as the beloved Jurassic Park character will be the guy attempting to turn their franchise around. Sorry Bill Simmons, but assuming this hire becomes official, this is probably the best move the Bucks could have made.

Hammond is currently the right hand man to Joe Dumars in Detroit, and we all know of the success the Pistons have had in recent years. This from the Detroit News:

Hammond appeared set to take the job a couple of weeks ago. Something snagged the deal and Hammond pulled out. But it looks like Bucks' owner Sen. Herb Kohl persisted, and maybe sweetened the pot.

Hammond has been pursued by numerous teams over the years -- Portland, Toronto, Seattle. Since he has been a coach, a scout and an administrator, he has a complete understanding of how team-building works within the confines of the modern NBA economic structure. If the Senator leaves him alone, Hammond will get things turned around in Milwaukee.

Again, at first glance I don't see anything I don't like about this move. We're getting a respectable basketball guy, one who has been responsible for success. It seems like Herbie is finally looking to turn things around and focus on winning in Milwaukee.

So it looks like it won't be long before we do a "Farewell, Coach K" post, because there's no way Hammond keeps Krystkowiak. Rumors have already started about him going after Rick Carlisle. Also, expect big roster moves to be in order, as Hammond may start playing real-life Bucks Survivor before we get the chance to finish.


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