Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prince Wakes Up Against Phillies

One day after manager Ned Yost told reporters to not ask questions about the effect Prince's vegetarian diet had on his production, Prince belts two home runs including a go-ahead 2 run shot to lead the Brewers over the Phillies 5-4. Let's go with a list format to run through some of the highlights of this game:

* First, let's talk about Fielder some more. I never took seriously people that blamed Prince's diet for his home run total. Just because you eat out of a garden rather than eating from a grill, that doesn't mean you are going to lose your home run power. That's the problem with people these days, everyone is quick to make assumptions about things. Don't we remember he had a slow April last year as well, in terms of home run numbers? He blasted two no-doubters tonight, and hopefully answered some of those critics. And if you have him in fantasy, don't trade him! Expect more of this as the season winds on.

* This one looked like a rout early, but Cole Hamels settled down and basically owned the Crew from innings 2 through 7. It was crucial the Crew got those early runs, good work tonight striking early.

* What's the count on Brewers that have the porn stache's? Hardy, Prince (with burns), Hart, Villanueva, McClung, Kendall. Missing anyone?

* Dave Bush pitched well enough tonight, giving up four runs in six innings. A decent fill-in start for Ben Sheets tonight.

* Mitch Stetter pitched excellent in relief, especially picking off the batter Bush had left on base for him. From there, he pitched two scoreless, and it's a good thing we brought him up when we did.

* Welcome back, Geoff Jenkins. It was good to see him at Miller Park tonight, and I was glad he got a standing ovation. Anything other than that would have surprised me, quite honestly. Even though it cost the Brewers an out, it was nice to see another typical Jenkins diving catch out in right.

* Nice to see Gwynn back in the big leagues. He walked in his only appearance at the plate.

* Of course, my favorite part of the game had to be the top of the ninth. Even though Turnbow struggled just nights before, Yost decided to go with his former closer in a save situation, has he had no choice but to rest Gagne. Brian Anderson of FSN was right when he said this wasn't just another baseball game in April. You have to give credit to the moves Ned made tonight. Keeping Bush in to hit, knowing when to pull him, and then going to Turnbow. He made the right moves tonight.

* As for Turnbow, the same fans that called for his head nights before were the same ones praising him for his save efforts tonight. One year to the day he earned his last save for the Milwaukee Brewers, he does so again, striking out two in the process. Turnbow stepped up to the plate in a must save situation for him. I love Ned for throwing him back out there, even though he has struggled, Turnbow still has the stuff to get it done. I came to his defense pretty strongly on Monday, and took a lot of heat for it. Agree with me or not, you have to admit Turnbow was money tonight, and he definitely knew it.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Derrick Turnbow

Just kidding, it's Prince.


Anonymous said...

that hippie still blows

Anonymous said...

by the way the player of the game standings is awesome.

so is bucks survivor.

so is the bucks survivor logo.

so is nfl network vs. espn (where is it!? draft coverage!)

Anonymous said...

So after a great productive season Carlos Lee comes to Milwaukee and people boo the sh** out of him. On the other hand, bum-Geoff comes to town and a standing ovation? I think it has more to do with the fact that he looks like Favre... Shows you how fair the fans are. Pathetic...

Anonymous said...

Ah, Geoff Jenkins spent 11 Seasons in the Brewers system. He was the face of the Brewers, reguardless of how terrible we were. Carlos Lee came here, jump started his career and was going to bolt at the end of the season. There was no way we were going to be able to afford him so we traded him. He played terrible defense and was anything but clutch.

Huge difference there. Whats pathetic is that you spew garbage on a subject you clearly don't have a realistic grasp on.

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