Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gross Traded to the Rays

In this picture, Gabe Gross thinks he has scored the winning run for the team he will contend for the playoffs with throughout the season. However, about just ten minutes after this photo was taken, Gabe Gross learned he was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays.

"Something had to give," said Gross after the game. "I do my best not to try to figure this game out as far as trades and different things like that."

Room had to be made in the outfield, where Tony Gwynn Jr. is set to return from a rehab assignment and Mike Cameron is scheduled to join the team next Tuesday. So the Brewers made a pre-emptive deal, sending Gross to Tampa for right handed pitcher Josh Butler, who is currently pitching in single A.

Gross was never starting material for the Brewers, but was always a serviceable fourth outfielder. He'll missed though, especially for his warm-up music. When most guys have classic rock or the latest rap tune, Gross never wavered from the religious, "I Can Only Imagine".


Anonymous said...

the father, the son, and the holy gross. amen to you gabe.

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