Thursday, April 24, 2008

Things Get Riske Against Phillies

David Riske hasn't been pitching very well lately. He's got a 7.36 ERA now on the season, which was inflated when he gave up a 2 run double to Pat Burrell in the 8th inning. It was the difference today as the Brewers lost to the Phillies 3-1.

Jaime Moyer, the oldest current player in the big leagues, gave up only one run to the Crew in 6th innings. After that, the Phillies bullpen held strong, giving up just one hit in three innings. The Brewers made a lot of outs on the bases, something Bill Schroeder absolutely can't stand. Corey Hart tried to turn a double into a triple into the fourth, but was unsuccessful. The Brewers also were picked off a few times, as Weeks and Hall were both caught stealing.

Jeff Suppan took the hill for the Crew, pitching quite well. He went seven, giving up only one run on five hits. Sidenote here, I'm in a 14 team fantasy league, which means it's a pretty deep league, and good starting pitching is hard to come by. I picked up Soup a few weeks ago, but recently dropped him. Do I dare pick him enough again? Is he turning into a reliable fantasy starter? Either way, we're going to give him player of the game honors, just edging out Bill Hall and Ryan Braun, who both went 3 for 4.

I'd write more about the game, but Lost is about to come on.

Box Score.

TBC's Player of the Game: Jeff Suppan


Jonk said...

What a lousy episode of Lost tonight.

Anonymous said...

I went to yesterday's game. It was the second straight Thursday afternoon game I've gone to & the Crew have only mustered 2 total runs in those games. Hopefully YoGa will rock it out when I go tonight.

With two on & two out in the 8th & Pat Burrell up, I strongly feel that the Crew should've walked Pat the Bat, then replaced Riske with Shouse to face Geoff Jenkins. Why bother pitching to one of the league's most dangerous hitters with a base open, two out & Jenks on deck? I don't know.

What other pitchers are available in that league? If you're loaded with pitching & can afford a gamble pick, I'd go with Max Scherzer of the DBacks. Is it a keeper league?

Winks said...

It's not a keeper league, but everyone in it is waiting for Max Scherzer to make the 40 man roster so they add claim him off waivers.

I've never done a keeper league for baseball, but the more I play the more I wish I would.

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