Saturday, April 26, 2008

Round 2, Pick 36 - Jordy Nelson, WR, Kansas State

It's another pick for the Packers that absolutely no one saw coming. With the 36th pick, the Pack grab Jordy Nelson, a WR from Kansas State. Apparently, he's only been a WR for three years, previously spending time as a quarterback. I thought the Packers would go quarterback here, which they still could at picks 56 or 60, although they won't get Henne or Brohm. I thought they might even go Brandon Flowers here at CB, but he went to the Chiefs one pick earlier.

The NFLN guys seem to be alright with the pick, Marshall Faulk says he reminds him of Brandon Stokely. I wouldn't have imagined the Packers taking a receiver in the first two rounds, but this could be goodbye for either Koren Robinson or Ruvell Martin. It's not a bad pick by Ted at all, just a little surprising. But we wouldn't expect anything less, would we? Profile: Jordy Nelson


Jonk said...

This will go down as a neat pick.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this pick. I have a feeling this guy is gonna be a stud. Great hands, nice big target. I really like it. Plus TT has a thing for getting great value for his WR's.

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