Thursday, April 24, 2008

Favre to be on Madden '09 Cover

As if we needed any more proof about John Madden's insane crush on Brett Favre, it was revealed today that Favre will be the next Madden cover. It's the first time a retired player will be featured on the game, which is celebrating it's 20th year. The game is scheduled to be released on August 12th.

Not sure how the cover jinx applies to retired quarterbacks, but we think it's pretty neat a Packer (at least former one) has finally made it to the cover of the game. Here's a fun fact: Earlier today I actually said to a friend that this was going to be the first year I was not going to buy Madden, because I do not yet have PS3 or the XBOX 360. By putting Favre on the Madden cover, I will now not only buy the game, but a new console to play it on. They suckered me right in.

Have you ever seen a guy retire, and then get this much press following the announcement? Oh by the way, Favre will be on Letterman tonight, too.


Anonymous said...

I laugh at the thought that some people think this guy is just gonna disappear for a while ala barry sanders. The man is an attention whore. Not really a good or a bad thing, but its definately true. He just made two new commercials that will air sometime this summer, he talks to every media outlet alive in which almost always alludes to something that causes the spot light to be brought back on him. Favre is going no where, which I guess is kind of cool, I wouldn't mind seeing him become a coach of some sort.

Anonymous said...

somethings bound to happen? somethings bound to happen? what the hell man.

Jonk said...

Does he really talk to "every media outlet alive"? Usually isn't it him talking to his hometown Biloxi newspaper, and then every media outlet alive picking out quotes from that?

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