Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Max Scherzer is Awesome

If you play fantasy baseball, you knew the name Max Scherzer a long time ago. If you're just a casual baseball fan, you know the name now. The Diamondbacks pitcher made his MLB debut last, going 4.1 innings in relief, allowing no walks or hits and striking out seven. It's the first pitcher to pitch 4 plus perfect innings in relief, in his first game, since 1900. So why is this of interest to fans of Wisconsin? Ladies and gentlemen, Scherzer is the first La Crosse Logger to ever play in the big leagues!

The Loggers are in the Northwoods League, a league in the midwest for college athletes to play in the summer. I went to school in La Crosse, and have been to some Loggers games, so I'd like to give you a first-hand experience of what watching him is like. Sadly, of all the Loggers games I've been to, I can't remember if he pitched in any, and if he did I have no idea.

But hey, go Loggers!


Anonymous said...

Ryan Spillborghs of the Colorado Rockies played briefly for the Madison Mallards.

Northwoods League trivia comin'atcha!

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