Monday, April 28, 2008

Packers Look For Free Agents

With the NFL Draft now over, Michael Redd kicked off Bucks Survivor, and the Brewers taking the day off, it's a slow news day here at The Bucky Channel. We're not going to disappear entirely from you however, as we wanted to pass along the Packers free agent signings, including two from Wisconsin.

The list is P Ken Debauche (Wisconsin), RB Justin Beaver (UW-Whitewater), LB Danny Lansanah (UConn), RB Kregg Lumpkin (Georgia), WR Taj Smith (Syracuse), TE Mike Peterson (NW Missouri St.), LS J.J. Jansen (Notre Dame), WR Jake Allen (Mississippi College), TE Joey Haynos (Maryland).

Update: Let's add a few more to the list: LB Marcus Riley (Maryland), LB Josh Ferguson (Purdue), C Brennen Carvalho (Portland State), LB Durell Mapp (North Carolina), LB A.J. Raebel (UW-Whitewater), WR Rod Harper (Murray State), S Tierre Green (Nebraska)

The Packers have also cut QB's Jerry Babb and Dalton Bell.

Here's a link from my uncle where you can see every undrafted free agent for every team. Thanks Uncle!


Anonymous said...

beaver has a tryout but is not signed, and raebel i think isnt even going to the tryout even though the packers asked him.

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