Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bloggers vs. MSM Reaches All-Time High

As many of you that read blogs are aware, there is a great debate between bloggers and the Mainstream Media right now about the credibility of blogging. It reached a pinnacle last night (or perhaps just the tip of the iceberg), when Bob Costas hosted a forum on HBO about the merits of internet writing. Things got pretty heated between Braylon Edwards, journalist Buzz Bissinger, and Deadspin writer Will Leitch. As I've read other blogs today, many bloggers feel Bissinger attacked and even went nuts trying in his approach to Leitch.

If you're interested on this topic of MSM vs. Bloggers, I strongly encourage you to go to both Awful Announcing and Deadspin today. I'm going to post the video from Awful Announcing so you can see the debates.

This first one is the intro to the segment (about five minutes long):

This second one is part of the discussion (lots of swearing as it aired on HBO, so don't watch it at work, clocks in around 10 mintues):

I'll have more thoughts later in the day, in the meantime decide for yourself how "evil" blogs are being made out to be. Happy Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Thats funny that Buzz took one article, one that has an obvious joke overtone, and just generalized it to explain how all blogs are.

In my opinion he loses some common sense credibility there.

Seriously though, be a little more threatened. And way to have no faith in regular poeple being able to disceminate fact from fiction, truth from rumor and seriousness from satire.

Blog on Winks, I'd rather read opinions from a rational fan's prospective than a egocentric blow-hard anyday.(i.e. Michael Hunt of the MJS)

Jonk said...

Poor Will Leitch, they're going after him like he's Barack Obama. Even everything Costas questions is framed anti-blog.

Jonk said...

Also, Costas brings up the Comments section of Deadspin with the (hilarious) Sean Salisbury stuff....

Costas says "the tone that's established affects the posts"...

I read's "Ticker" section everyday to keep tabs on what's going on with the presidential race. You should see the kinds of comments on there. Holy smokes. Anti Obama, anti Clinton, anti McCain. Only about five percent of the comments on that site are substantive.

And this is CNN we're talking about. Costas' argument here applies to the big-time boys, too.

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