Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Marquette Hires Williams

Just one week after being burned by Tom Crean for Indiana, Marquette has found their next coach. Brent "Buzz" Williams has been promoted from assistant coach to head coach. I have to admit I don't know much about Williams, but I'm already convinced he'll do a great job, mainly based on his nickname. Can you think of a Buzz that hasn't been successful?

* Buzz Aldrin, second man to "step" on the moon (just kidding, I think it was real)

* Buzz Lightyear, Star Command

* Buzz McAllister, Home Alone

* Buzz Cola, The Simpsons

* Buzz Hardgrove, former President of the Canadian Auto Workers trade union

* Buzz Beamer, Sports Illustrated for Kids

Yeah, I think he'll be fine.


Anonymous said...

this is one of thebuckychannels best posts of all time. that crazy buzz beamer!

Anonymous said...

damn, i was hoping for tony majerus

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