Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dave Bush Sent to Nashville

In somewhat of a surprising move, Dave Bush has drawn the short straw and will be sent down to Class AAA Nashville to make room for the debut of Mike Cameron. Of course, Bush was stunned. "I didn't have much choice in the matter," he said. "No one prefers to to to the minors."

Bush, Villanueva, and Parra have been linked for the entire season, as the roster was probably not big enough for the three of them. They all survived the Gallardo return, which was surprising. But with 14 pitchers on the roster, one of the three would be sent down to make
room for Cameron, and that has been Dave Bush.

According to Tom Haudricourt at, Bush has three years of service time in the majors, with one minor-league option remaining. So when he cleared waivers, the Brewers were able to option him to Nashville.

One may have thought Bush would have been moved to the pen, with a guy like Turnbow, Stetter, or McClung being the one to be cleared off the roster. Who knows how long Bush will stay there, most likely until an injury or either Villanueva or Parra struggle.

The move was possible because Ben Sheets has been cleared to pitch Tuesday.


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