Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Long Does it Take to Retire?

When Brett Favre gathered in front of the media to announce his retirement, one of the questions he was asked was regarding what he would do next. Unsure, Favre replied with simply, "Nothing." Well, apparently "nothing" means continually answering questions about whether or not you're officially retired.

I don't know why these stories keep popping up, but it seems nothing is more interesting to talk about in NFL circles than whether or not Favre is coming out of retirement. Doesn't anyone remember his press conference? He's done! He can't mentally go through the daily grind of being an NFL player anymore! He's not coming back, to the Packers or regardless. So why do we think he's coming back? It's because Brett Favre, as he's always done, is stirring his own pot.

His most recent answer on if he was coming back or not was "I guess the best response would be, right now no." You know, I love the guy, but he knows saying comments like this will stir Packer nation into a frenzy. He knows Packer fans have always hung onto every word that was spoken out of his mouth. He goes on to say how it would be hard to pass up retiring to the Packers if Aaron Rodgers suffered an injury.

Come on, Brett. We've all accepted th fact that you've retired. Won't you do the same?


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