Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday Night Fish Fried

Hey, the retro jerseys are back! Sadly, that was one of the few pleasant things to look at in Fridays game against the Marlins, as the Crew fall to the Fish 3-0 in 10 innings. Yovani Gallardo wasn't unpleasant to look at, as he pitches another gem but comes away without a win. Gallardo went seven innings, giving up six hits, no runs, and 5 K's. Shouse and Gagne pitched well in relief, but then it was Guillermo Mota who let three runs in on his watch to ultimately spell doom for Milwaukee.

Offensively, they just couldn't get it done, coming away with only six hits and left 24 men on base. This drops the Crew to 13-10 on the season, which is kind of surprising to me. Doesn't it seem likely they've lost more than 10 games this year? I guess that's a good thing, if we're competiting with the top of our division, and not even playing as well as we could be.

That's really all I can contribute to the recap for this one, because I did decide to go to the Larry the Cable Guy show I had free tickets for. The show was about what I expected, laughing a few times, but mostly I was just dumbfounded. The crowd was about what you'd expect too. Trucker hats, cowboy hats, flannel cut-offs, the smell of hog on their breath. My favorite thing Larry said was the first thing he said. After looking at the crowd right away, he said, "Now would be the perfect time to go to the Wal-Mart." But, the tickets were free, so I can't say the show wasn't worth it.

I'll be happy to be able to watch the Crew in action tonight, taking on the Marlins tonight at 6:05pm.

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TBC's Player of the Game: Yovani Gallardo


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