Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bucks Survivor - Episode 7

Last Week: With just nine Bucks remaining on Bucks Survivor, the players in were for a shock when the decision was made to merge the tribes one week earlier than planned. The remaining Bucks were then put through a marketability challenge, and the hands-down winner was Yi Jianlian because of his impact on the Chinese population. Clearly, it's going to take a lot for the Bucks to get rid of the Yi, the one guy whose marketability could actually make them some money.

Results: Eight Bucks were placed on the chopping block, and three of them escaped without garnering a vote. Bogut, Mason, and Sessions were the three that were able to coast through another competition. Michael Ruffin had 4% of the vote, Royal Ivey had 8%, Charlie Villanueva had 17%, and Jake Voskuhl had 30%. This week's loser was none other than Mo Williams, who had 39% of the vote. It's not surprising, especially with Bogut's recent comments that Ramon Sessions was the first true point guard he's played with since he's been with the Bucks. Farewell, Mo Williams.

The Rotation: This was the milestone many of the Bucks were hoping to achieve. According to readers of The Bucky Channel, you'd like these guys to be contenders for the 2008-2009 rotation: Andrew Bogut, Desmond Mason, Ramon Sessions, Michael Ruffin, Royal Ivey, Charlie Villanueva, Jake Voskuhl, and Yi Jianlian. Throw a guy like Eric Gordon or Russell Westbrook in the mix, and we might have something here.

This Week: The players were in for another shock when they learned there would be no more immunity challenges from here on out. Now, it's all a matter of what the fans have to say. They also learned that this week will be a double elimination. Vote for who you'd like to see kicked off Bucks Survivor in the poll on the right hand of this page. The two losers will be announced Sunday, May 4th.


Anonymous said...

if people would really rather have michael ruffin and jake voskuhl than michael redd and mo williams, weve got some issues here in buckstown.

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