Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bucks Survivor - Episode 4

Is Bucks Survivor losing it's luster? Only 26 people voted in the recent poll, a record low for the game. Come on friends, we need you! It's your chance to have the input to let John Hammond know not only which Bucks need to go, but in what order they should leave! Yet, Bucks Survivor rolls on, because this is the most important game in the history of everything.

Last Week: Our love for Ramon Sessions inspired us to lead the Bucks through an assists contest, and for the second week in a row the young Bucks of Team Todd Day came out on top. They had 2.8 assists per game, compared to the remaining veterans average of 2.3. Mo Williams earned immunity, and the rest of his Team Eric Murdock teammates were put up on the block.

Results: After finishing second in the voting just a week before, Bobby Simmons is finally let go from the Milwaukee Bucks. Simmons had 50 percent of the vote, and has left the island. Next up was the love him or hate him Michael Redd, who had 30 percent. Ruffin was next with 11, and then Voskuhl with 7. Desmond Mason, who had immunity the week before, seemingly did so again as he collected zero votes.

This Week: We've done assists, points, and boards. Let's put the guys through a field goal percentage challenge. We'll take the average of the shooting percentages of each of the remaining castaways.

Team Todd Day: Bogut .511, Sessions .436, Villanueva .435, Yi .421, Ivey .394, Bell .381 Average: .430

Team Eric Murdock: Ruffin .532, Mason .482, Williams .480, Voskuhl .463, Redd .442 Average .480

Results: The vets are finally safe after facing elimination each of the last two episodes. The rookies are back on the block for the first time since the competition started. After this week, both teams will be down to just five players. Andrew Bogut earns immunity, however, for his team leading .511 percentage. As always, you can vote for Bucks Survivor in the poll on the right hand of the page.


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