Sunday, April 27, 2008

Packers Add Two in Seventh Round

Kurt Campbell, Will Whitticker, Dave Tollefson, DeShawn Wynn, and Clark Harris. These are the five men Ted Thompson has previously selected for the Packers in the seventh round of the NFL draft. Who would join this immortal list?

Round 7, Pick 209 - Matt Flynn, QB, LSU

It's been awhile since the Packers took two quarterbacks in the same draft, but this is a good pick here. The Packers have their starter in Rodgers, have a guy who can be the No. 2 in Brohm, and now have a developmental project in Matt Flynn. Flynn started just one year at LSU after backing up LaMarcus Russell. He's a good athlete, which will come in handy when he's holding a clipboard all season.

Round 7, Pick 217 - Brett Swain, WR, San Diego St.

I could try to come up with a clever ancedote about how Green Bay still has a "Brett" on their roster, but I'm going to save that duty for some one from the Green Bay Press-Gazette. The Packers selected take another wide receiver in Swain, one who could be a special teams specialist, as well as punt returner. He was ranked towards the bottom of receivers that were eligible for the draft, but the Packers liked him enough to bring him in for a visit. If they didn't draft him, they were probably going to bring him in as a free agent, so you might as well draft a guy if you like a guy. I don't have much complaint here, although he's probably practice squad at best.

Round 7, Pick 237 - Traded to New Orleans for 2009 6th Rounder

Looks like Ted got tired for the day, and decided he was better off starting to stockpile for next year. Nice way to end the draft.

I may be going the homer route on this one, actually I know I am, but I'm going to give the Packers an A- for their draft. Nelson was a surprise to us, but it seems he can really make an impact. And maybe they could have got him at 56, but they got their guy Brohm anyway, so you really can't be upset. The rest of the draft was used to fill depth needs, and take guys that can be groomed to start in 2, 3 years time. Low on the "sexy" picks, but this could be a draft we remember for a long time.


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Farewell, Craig Nall.

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farewell, daunte culpepper rumors

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