Friday, April 25, 2008

Again, Favre is Not Coming Back

The Packers made a move concerning Brett Favre today, and it wasn't to announce his comeback to the NFL. Along with cutting three guys (Tony Palmer, Cliff Washburn, and Chris Patrick, for the diehards), the Packers have placed Favre on the reserve/retirement list. Greg A. Bedard explains why the move had to be done from a numbers standpoint, but hopefully this is proof enough for those who need it, that nothing's bound to happen.

According to the league, a person on the Reserve/Retirement list are not eligible to practice or return to the Active/Inactive list in the same season that they play on reserve. To me, that sounds like there is a zero percent chance Favre returns, doesn't it?

All that's left for Favre is to file his retirement papers, but as Favre stated on Letterman, that's something for the players in order for them to collect pension and benefits. Two things Favre really doesn't need with the money he's made, and money he'll continue to make through endorsements and perhaps TV work (although he can't be as nervous as he was last night).

Again, growing up Favre was more than I could have ever asked for as a Packer fan, but it's time to write the ending to this long, drawn-out chapter.

Update: Don't believe me? Listen to the man himself try to clear things up.


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