Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'Bush'-Whacked Again

It was a story of two pitchers today. One a starting pitcher with a 7.20 ERA who is now 0-3 and destined for a relief role. Another is a former closer who has embraced the starting role, has an ERA of 2.70 and is now 3-0. Braden Looper feasted on an offense that has relatively struggled. Dave Bush did not pitch that awful today, allowing only 3 runs over 5 innings and striking out 6. But with no help on offense Bush became the loser in 3 straight appearances.

Yost trotted out a lineup with Gross in center and hitting in the 2 spot as well as Joe Dillon hitting third and playing left for Ryan Braun. Apparently Kapler was slated to start but hurt his shoulder in batting practice, the move was preemptive more than anything serious. Braun was just getting a "mental" rest according to Rock.

I just got the feeling that while watching this game we were in the midst of some kind of losing streak. Maybe it was the lineup, maybe it was the fact Bush was on the mound, but it just felt like it. One thing I've noticed that really bugs me is all these first pitch strikes that the Brewers are taking. Especially with Hall and Weeks. Teams are throwing meat pitches because they know these guys aren't going to swing. Then it just really seems like the next pitch is fouled off. Now were down 0-2 and I feel like were looking a Geoff Jenkins from 2000. You know the old blink and its 0-2 already.

Our offense managed just 3 hits. Two bright spots for the offense were Corey Hart continued to have a hot bat going 2-3 and Prince may be coming out of hitting slump soon as he walked all four times he came to bat. (This is one reason Yost liked Braun protecting Fielder, Looper and Franklin didn't go anywhere near Prince tonight)

The Crew will look to even up the series tomorrow as they send Villanueva out tomorrow against Adam Wainwright, the Cardinals ace. The game will start at 7:15 and once again the Bucks get preferential treatment as the game will only be shown on WMLW. Thank God the Bucks are done tomorrow night, for the sake watching Brewer games.

Box Score

TBC's Player of the Game: Corey Hart - Hart went 2 for 3 with the teams only RBI with a fourth inning double. Hart is now hitting 6 for his last 8.


Anonymous said...

in milwaukee, i like to play wmlw vs fsn wisconsin to see which one id rather be watching.

Anonymous said...

the offense needs to wake up soon

Jonk said...

Ned wasn't doing Bush many favors by putting Gross and Dillon so high in the lineup. I like those guys -- if they're used properly. They aren't 2 and 3 hitters in the big leagues.

If Braun isn't in the lineup, why can't Prince hit third? Why can't Corey Hart move up in the order for a day?

Winks said...

Bear, you hit the nail on the head man. It definitely seemed like it was a game from last August, where we needed the win to catch up to the Cubs. Maybe it's just something about playing in St. Louis.

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