Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bill Hall Sees Red Once Again

For the second time in 3 days the Brewers get a win in 10 innings. Bill Hall came up clutch knocking in 2 runs on a double off of Dave "Stormy" Weathers in the top of 10th. Gagne(6 saves) came in to shut down the Reds, giving the Brewers the 5-3 win. You have to love not only the Brewers winning another road series, but extending their record to 4-0 in extra inning games. The Brewers Record overall is now 11-6.

Suppan pitched effective today and was rolling until a rather freakish hit by Encarnacion brought out Brian Shouse, who let up a game tying homerun to Joey Votto. Before people begin to rail on Ned Yost for taking out Suppan with a modest pitch count and while dominating the Reds, let me state the move he made was the right one. Hindsight is always 20-20 and had Yost left Suppan in and he let up the homerun I'm sure people would get on his case for leaving him against a lefthanded hitter. The move was the better percentage move. Shouse is our lefty specialist, and what better time to bring in Shouse than with two lefthanded hitters due up in Votto and Bako. Not only that, but Shouse has been phenomenal at getting out of jams this year. Side note, that was Brian Shouse's first home run given up since 2006. Chalk it up to bad execution by Shouse on a good move by Yost.

Corey Hart got off the homerun snide and hit his first in the 2nd inning. Other than Hart, Prince looked good getting on base three times today and scoring two runs. The obvious offensive thunder was provided by Bill Hall today, who continues to haunt the Reds, going 2-5 with 3 RBI's.

Can't say enough about the pitching today. Other than Shouse's mistake pitch, Suppan, Shouse, Mota and Gagne looked great today giving up a 4 hitter. The Guillermo Mota Restoration Project that Mike Maddux has undergone appears to be working. The man is rolling right now getting his first win and sporting an ERA of 1.23 and striking out 8 over 7 and a third.

The Brewers will be looking for the sweep tomorrow at 12:15 pm on FSN. The game still is listed as To-Be-Announced but it is expected that Yovani Gallardo will be the starter. If Gallardo doesn't get the start, look for Dave Bush to take the mound. Cincinnati will trot out Aaron Harang, who got his one and only win this season last week against the Brewers.

Box Score

TBC's Player of the Game: Bill Hall - Come on, who else would it be, he's a Reds Killer and his 2-run double in extra innings led to the Brewer win.


Anonymous said...

Face it, we were Yosted. If not for Bill Hall dominating the Reds, we'd be bashing Yost. Yet, I will anyway. Soup was dealin'. Pitch count in the 80's. You don't ALWAYS have to go for the lefty/lefty matchup.

Anonymous said...

I respect your opinion but totally disagree. Not sure how we were "Yosted" when a lefty specialist who has been extremely effective, throws a mistake meat pitch up and in. I mean it was clearly a mistake pitch, he missed Kendall's spot by pretty much the entire home plate.

I realize you don't have to always go to the lefty/lefty matchup, but late game situations with a string of lefties coming up is a time to use a situational lefty. Coming in to the game Votto was hitting .571 against Suppan with a homerun and 4 RBI. Not to mention that Votto hits .314 versus lefties and .330 versus righties in his short career. Also you have Bako up next who is also a lefty, had Votto gotten on base. Bako has never seen Shouse and hits .177 against lefties. So again the percentages make sense.

I suppose you could have throw Stetter but since he pitched yesterday and Shouse didn't, Shouse makes more sense. Plus Shouse has a Career BAA of .214 against lefties and Suppan has a career BAA of .279 versus lefties. Also factor in that Shouse has been killing rallies all year. Encarnacion's hit had a rally starting feel to it at least I sensed it. I'm not a Yost apologist at all, its well known he has problems with pitcher management, I just don't think this was one of those times. I feel like this is one of those times that you have to blame the execution of the pitcher not the not the manuever made by the manager.

Like I said hindsight is 20/20, which makes it easy to say that pulling Suppan was a bad move. When Yost made the move, I agreed with it, after Votto hit the homerun, I agreed with it, and after the game was won I still agreed with it. Had the Brewers lost the game I still would have agreed with the move.

Anonymous said...

Ha, by the way, when I saw we were Yosted, I had to laugh. Thats a great way of stating some of his bonehead moves. I remember last year seeing someone with a sign at a game last year that said "Yost is Toast". I don't know, I thought it was funny, consider me easily amused.

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