Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gilbert Brown Is Not Happy

Say what you want about the man, but Gilbert Brown is one of the greatest Packers ever. Not only was the Gravedigger a dominant run stopper for the Super Bowl teams of the 1990's, but after his career in Green Bay he's found ways to keep his name amongst the discussions of Wisconsin fans everywhere.

First, there was the Gilbert Burger, which I'm pretty sure accounted for 10% of all heart attacks in the state of Wisconsin when it was sold at Burger King. Then, there was his career as head coach of the Milwaukee Bonecrushers in the Continental Indoor Football league. I say was, because effective today, Brown has resigned from his position.

The general manager, Chris Kokalis, has also left the professional indoor football team. Both cite irreconcilable differences with the ownership group. The team is off to a 0-and-3 start in its inaugural season, as an expansion team playing in the Continental Indoor Football League. Also, the team's defensive and offensive coordinators have also resigned.

Not sure what's going on over in Bonecrusher land, but The Bucky Channel is determined to get to the bottom of this!


Anonymous said...

hey don't believe what Kockalis says. The Bonecrushers are going on, stronger than ever. they have all new coaching staff and they are practicing tonite! Check their web site for the real story. Football in Milwaukee is TRUE thanks to the Bonecrushers!!

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