Thursday, April 17, 2008

Farewell, Larry Krystkowiak

No less than one week after taking the job as Bucks General Manager, John Hammond has already made his first move. Larry Krystkowiak has been fired from his job as the Bucks head coach. We feel bad for the guy, who really did the best he could with a team that seemed to thrive on underachieving. However, it could be that Larry K just wasn't the right guy to motivate this group of NBA players. It was unlikely that Krystkowiak would remain with the Bucks next season, as Hammond has to take the necessary steps to make this "his team." On the plus side, we no longer have to spell-check Krystkowiak anymore.

“Larry Krystkowiak is a good man who worked very hard for the Milwaukee Bucks,” Hammond said, via the press release. “Sometimes despite even the best efforts, the results don’t end up how we want them. At this time, I feel it is in the best interest of our franchise to make a change at the head coaching position. I want to thank Larry for his hard work and dedication to our team, and our entire organization wishes him and his family well.”

Potential candidates to replace Krystkowiak inlcude Rick Carlisle and Larry Brown. We've also heard that Terry Porter, currently an assistant in Detroit, could return to the Bucks.

We're pulling for Porter.


Anonymous said...

what about skiles and carlisle that have been mentioned? AND are you joking about porter?

Anonymous said...

where did you hear flip saunders and terry porter?

theres a report out there that says skiles is already in talks with us.

Winks said...

I didn't mean Flip, I meant Carlisle. Honest mistake. Scott Skiles is a very real possibility too.

Anonymous said...

They need more than a new coach, they need a new roster.

Anonymous said...

Well then lets hope that Bucks management is paying attention to Bucks Survivor to figure that out.

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