Thursday, May 29, 2008

Will Weaver Opt Out?

After a tough outing from Seth McClung Thursday, the speculation around the Brewers pitching staff once again comes to the forefront. While I still think McClung will get a few more outings for the Crew to truly see what he has, I'm sure many fans are beginning to wonder about the situation regarding Jeff Weaver.

Weaver is currently pitching in Triple-A Nashville, although he hasn't been spectacular, to say the least. He was rocked again on Monday, and is currently 1-3 with a 6.69 ERA. "Right now, he's only into 30-something innings," Melvin told Fox Sports. "That's only a little more than spring training. Any pitcher could use more time. But he's just trying to get comfortable. He had no spring training whatsoever."

Their is some timing involved in this move, as Weaver can opt out and become a free agent if he hasn't been called up by June 15. Even though our staff has had it's problems, Weaver is still a good three to five weeks, in my opinion, from being called up. If Weaver did opt out, I don't see another team picking up him and putting him straight on the big league roster. I think Weaver's best chance to pitch in the bigs again is in Milwaukee, and I don't see him opting out.


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