Friday, May 23, 2008

Brewers Looking for Pitching

According to Jayson Stark of, Julian Tavarez was pretty close to becoming the newest member of the Milwaukee Brewers. Stark says both the Brewers and the Rockies have been going after the Boston reliever, in hopes of bringing him back into their starting rotation. A trade never materialized, but apparently the Brewers aren't done looking. They do have Jeff Weaver (who struggled the other night), and are looking for some other well-known names that are currently stuck in Triple-A.

After coming into the season with pitching depth, the Crew are now desperate for someone to be able to go six innings without blowing the game. Sheets and Suppan will be in the rotation all year barring injury, Parra should be able to go the distance, we're not sure what to expect out of McClung, and Bush seems destined to be DFA'd. Villanueva is still a question mark as well. It seems to be like the Brewers ship is sinking, and they are trying to pail out water as fast as they can.

This team can still make a run at the playoffs, but I think they'd need to make a bigger splash than Julian Tavarez. I see them trading for a Greg Maddux or A.J. Burnett. We'll likely lose Gwynn in any deal, and perhaps part ways with a LaPorta or Escobar. That Gallardo injury really spun this team into a free-fall.

And remember, it was Reed Johnson of the Cubs that took out Gallardo. He's public enemy number one at this point.


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