Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bucks Survivor - Episode 10

Last Week: Andrew Bogut, Yi Jianlian, Desmond Mason, Ramon Sessions, and Charlie Villanueva. That's your starting five. It's not the worst team, except with this lineup you're still probably going to lose every game 105-80. But that's the best we got on this current Bucks roster, folks. Before we get into the results, I'd like to thank the real Milwaukee Bucks, especially new GM John Hammond. Even though the NBA playoffs are still in full swing and I'm not sure what moves teams can really make right now, I'm glad the Bucks have stayed pat with their current roster. It's helped me avoid the awkward situation of having to adjust the game if a guy were to get cut from the real Bucks before they were kicked off Bucks Survivor. The popularity of this game has also got me thinking about starting Brewers Bullpen Survivor, but it seems like Ned Yost is already taking care of that for us.

Results: He's another guy who's been flirting with elimination for weeks, and after 10 episodes of the hit show, Charlie Villaneuva has finally been voted off Bucks Survivor. It was a pretty lopsided loss, especially for this late in the game. Charlie V had 61% of the vote, followed by Yi with 15%, Mason with 13%, Sessions with 6%, and Bogut with 2%. I expect this next week to be a two horse race between Mason and Yi, unless my readers from China step up and save their big man. But the beauty of this game is that you're ultimately the ones who decide, not me (although I may vote from this computer, as well as several of the ones at work, and maybe my roommates, too.)

This Week: Four Bucks remain, only three will survive. The results will then be revealed on Wednesday night. As always, you can vote for which Buck you'd like to see kicked off Bucks Survivor on the right hand side of the blog, and you can few all past Bucks Survivor postings here.


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