Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Favre Streak Officially Over

No, not that one. Although you should consider the consecutive starts streak over as well, because there is zero chance he comes back this year (I said zero, LeRoy Butler). I'm talking about the more improbable streak of the 12-year old kid from Connecticut, David Witthoft, who wore the same Favre everyday for 1,581 straight days. He finally took it off, "retiring" the jersey on his 12th birthday. From the Green Bay Press Gazette:
“His last day wearing the jersey was April 23, which was his 12th birthday,” Chuck Witthoft, David’s father, said from their Ridgefield, Conn., home on Monday. “It was tough for him for awhile but now that he’s 12, he is a little more concerned about his appearance. And the jersey barely came down to his beltline.”

David replaced the shirt with a red Nike T-shirt. No word yet on whether the shirt was immediately injured after replacing Favre.


Winks said...

Couldn't figure out how to double-space the text after the blockquotes. Arrgh, HTML!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, God, I read this story last night on ESPN's front page. Why was it on ESPN's front page, this story is tailor made for the blogsphere.

What were his parents thinking. If I wore a shirt two days let alone 4 year in a row my parents would have told me I was an idiot.

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