Sunday, August 9, 2009

David Weathers is Back

From June of 1998 until July of 2001, David Weathers was a Milwaukee Brewer. Eight years after he left Milwaukee, he'll return the same way he first came to Brew City in the first place as he was claimed off waivers from the Cincinnati Reds.

Now, because of baseball's weird trading structure, technically the Weathers acquisition is looked at as a trade. Because the Brewers claimed him off waivers, they will have to send Cincinnati something in return. That something is going to be a player to be named later. The Brewers have given the Reds a list of players they can choose from, which the Reds have to do by October 15th. If not, the Brewers will end up sending cash or something. Haudricourt has the details.

If nothing else, this move shows that at least Doug Melvin is still trying. The bullpen hasn't been terrible this season, but they have been overworked which is way the constant roster changes have occurred. Just in the last three days the Crew has added Jesus Colome, Claudio Vargas, and David Weathers. Not blockbuster names, but moderately fresh arms that could help the Brewers string a couple of wins together here and there.


Anonymous said...

It's looked at as a trade because it is in fact a trade. The move was made after the non-waiver trade deadline.

Anonymous said...

Also that Buffalo Sabres logo looks ridiculous for a site that aims to cover Wisconsin sports.

Winks said...

I was merely explaining it to some who may not know. You're input supplements that explaination, thank you.

Also, there is a history behind the Sabres logo. It's the hockey team of choice here at TBC that we picked after a series of "Winks Thinks" columns. All the logos will likely go away soon anyway as I'm working on a new logo that I can use to sell t-shirts with without being sued by Barry Alvarez.

b2 said...

yeah the guys right about the sabres logo

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