Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smith Sent Down to Nashville

David Weathers' gain is Chris Smith's loss, as Smith was sent back down to Nashville to make room for Big Dave on the 25-man roster. I actually thought Mike Burns might get sent down for the 20th time this season, but Smith turns out to be the odd man out.

Would you believe me if I told you that Smith has already appeared in 23 games for the Brewers this season? For some reason it feels like he really hasn't been up that long (June 4th), but it definitely feels like he hasn't pitched much.

The reason for that is probably because when he does pitch, you've already turned off your TV. Smith usually just appears in mop-up roles, which explains the 2-21 record the Brewers have in games he does appear. He personally hasn't pitched bad, collecting a 3.62 ERA over that time.

Yet, there was really no other option, and the Brewers bullpen does get stronger with this move. Smith will be back in Milwaukee sometime down the road though, but hopefully he gets the chance to make more of an impact next time.


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