Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Toys Kept in Box During Loss

The Brewers didn't really get a chance to show off their new toys on Wednesday night, but I wish they would have. Seriously, weren't you just a little more interested in the Brewers after all the moves they made during the day, and wasn't checking out Escobar and Burgeois sort of the reason why you wanted to watch this game? I know it was for me.

Well, we did get to see Escobar pinch run, and Chris Bosio did make a visit to the mound, so that was nice. Other than that, it was a typical 2009 Brewers game. Take an early lead, get killed in a big inning, make somewhat of a comeback, and fail to deliver the victory. Padres 6, Brewers 5. Been there, done that.

Escobar will be starting on Thursday, and I think you can say this is the official start of his tenure as the Brewers starting shortstop. I honestly don't see Hardy in a Brewers uniform ever again, sans maybe a September call-up. Escobar is here to stay, and tomorrow should be interesting.

Go Brewers!


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