Tuesday, August 4, 2009

FSN Wisconsin Earns Exclusive Rights to Bucks Telecasts

I know this is a picture of Craiggers at Miller Park, but get ready for a whole lot of Craiggers this season on Bucks telecast. As my headline, which was meant to be sarcastic, indicates, every Bucks game televised this season will be on FSN Wisconsin. That's because TNT, ESPN, and ABC have decided not to show the Bucks one single time for the upcoming 2009-2010 NBA season. Hey, at least ESPN is doing us the favor of letting us know now instead of two days before they decide to pull us off the schedule (as was the case with a game against the Hornets last season).

Actually, I take that back. NBATV will be broadcasting a November 16th game against the Mavericks, but who really has NBATV anyway? Other than that, it's all FSN Wisconsin, including the games at the end of the season where they show the struggling Bucks instead of the first couple games of the Brewers season.

As for the Bucks actual schedule, that kicks off on Friday, October 30th with a game in Philly at 6:00CT. Their home opener is the following night against the Pistons at 7:30pm. I don't expect the Bucks to make the playoffs this season, but they should be much improved over last year as the team looks to actually have a foundation for where they want to go in the next decade, so I'll be watching. Here's the full schedule.


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