Sunday, August 23, 2009

Packers Should Retire Number Four

In 1986, the Packers made one of the biggest signings in franchise history when they signed former Maxwell Award winner and Penn State quarterback Chuck Fusina. Fusina was signed after a successful stint in the USFL, in which he earned the MVP award during their 1984 championship game.

With the Packers, Fusina appeared in seven games while backing up Randy Wright. Fusina went 19-for-32 with 178 yards during his time in action. He also gained 11 yards rushing on seven attempts.

The Packers only went 4-12 that season, but Fusina was an integral part in each of those wins, providing a championship presence on the bench. During his time in Green Bay, Fusina could be recognized by the number four he wore on his chest. It is for this reason that I would like to start the "Retire Four for Fusina" campaign. Please tell your friends, and more details will follow.


Chris said...

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