Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stop Buying Bucks Tickets

Dan Gadzuric guarding KG has to be one of the bigger mis-matches of all-time. If Herb Kohl wasn't so afraid of making a move, that would be Zach Randolph shutting Garnett down. But Herbie gave up on this Bucks season a long time, and I suggest you do the same. If you haven't already. As of this point, the only reason you should be going to Bucks game is if 1) you like the opposing team, or an opposing player, 2) you get free tickets in the lower level or in a luxury box, or 3) you work there. Other than that, you should focus your attention to something other than the Bucks.

It's a shame, too, because the NBA is pretty awesome right now. Besides the fact a few below .500 teams are going to make the Eastern Conference playoffs, the NBA is a great ticket. There are a ton of superstars playing great basketball night in and night out, and the Western Conference playoffs is going to be some of the greatest basketball the league has ever seen. But the Bucks are nowhere in the thick of that, so I'd suggest it's time to move on.

There's proof there is life after the Bucks, too. Just ask Sam Cassell and Ray Allen. They are currently on a Celtics team that is now 52-13, and tops in the East. Ray didn't play tonight, but former Buck Sam Cassell contributed ten points to his new team. They moved on, we can too.

So let go of the Bucks this season, unless you can score free tickets. In the meaning time, enjoy some of March Madness, enjoy the baseball season that is right around the corner, and with spring coming, why not go outside and enjoy the weather for awhile.

Kohl packed it in this season. Clearly, at 23-43, the Bucks are doing the same. It's time that we do too.


Anonymous said...

waek. other bucks fans make me hate being a bucks fan sometimes.

Unknown said...

The Bucks telecast is nice white noise when I'm playing Chessmaster on my Gameboy DS.

I went to one of the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals games ... the one where Iverson sat out. Man, that seems like a LONG time ago.

I don't know what's more pathetic ... the fact that this team hardly ever plays with heart, or the fact that, in spite of their awful record, they've been "in the playoff hunt" for most of the season.

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