Monday, September 22, 2008

Tonight's Mets Game Will Decide Our Fate

After everything that is happened this year, it's come down to this: We have to root for the Cubs. We knew all year long our enemies to the south would play a big role in our postseason chances, but not like this. Not only do the Brewers face them in their final three game set, but the Cubs have four games this week against the Mets. Games which could suddenly determine our fate.

Right now the Brewers are 1 1/2 games behind the Mets, after another disappointing Milwaukee weekend. I can't believe after how poorly they've played the Brewers still have a chance for this thing, and that's saying something about how the Mets haven't been able to seal the deal either.

The Mets and Cubs square off tonight at 6:10 central time. If the Mets win, the Brewers will be two games back, with each team having six to play. Those aren't very good odds. If the Mets lose tonight, however, then the Brewers are just one game back of the Wild Card, and there chances are suddenly much, much, better.

Even though most of us seem to have already given up on the Brewers 1) because of their collapse and 2) its football season, they still have a chance play October baseball. We'll know better for sure after tonight, just how close that dream could be to becoming a reality.

As for the Brewers, we don't have any recaps for the games this weekend, although I will say this. Being in Chicago the day the Cubs clinched the Central was unbearable. Even though I was at a Wisconsin themed bar (It was Will's Northwoods Inn, and if anyone knows who was crowned the Muskie Queen, please let me know), there were still Cubs fans everywhere. But we do have our players of the game for the weekend.

Friday - Reds 11, Brewers 2 - Mike Cameron

Saturday - Reds 4, Brewers 3 - Rickie Weeks

Sunday - Brewers 8, Reds 1 - Prince Fielder

And for those of you wondering, yes, that was Gabe Kapler at last night's Packers game. Among many others.


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check out fdl reporter. timber rattlers baby!

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