Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too Bad the BCS Doesn't Start This Weekend

There are six computer formulas used when determining the BCS standings for college football. One of those computers belongs to a man named Wes Colley. Guess who's playing for the national championship right now, according to Colley's rankings?

The Wisconsin Badgers. Against the Utah Utes.

Sounds a little absurd, doesn't it? Currently, the Badgers are ranked 8th in the AP Poll, and 9th in the USA Today edition. The Utes are ranked 17th in both polls heading into the weekend. Now clearly, this is Exhibit A why the standings aren't really compiled until the 8th week of the season.

Chris Dufresne of the LA Times takes a look at the rest of the BCS absurdity.


Ben said...

I think they should go based on this weeks standings, the rest of the season shouldn't count. and I'm unbiased.

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