Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fantasy Sports Are Depressing

Oh man. What a tough day. I'm in four fantasy football leagues, which is never a good idea in the first place. But I really only care about one league, that being the league I'm in with my high school buddies. We play fourteen weeks, and there are only four playoff spots for twelve guys, so every game is that much more important. This year, I'm starting the season off with another loss.

Not just a loss, but a demoralizing loss. We are a points driven league, and I barely cracked 50 points. Why the low total? Not a single touchdown from any of my guys.

Carson Palmer. What the hell was that?

Wes Welker. How much does he take a hit with Brady out?

Jamal Lewis. Second round pick baby!

Granted, it is only one week, but it's never fun to lose your first week. And I'm finding out that losing in fantasy football makes me upset in real life! It's pretty pathetic, I know, and I would consider this a problem that needs to be addressed before I get back into the dating world.

Oh yeah, those other three leagues I'm in? Lost all of them, too.

But at least I didn't have Tom Brady...


Anonymous said...

you gotta get six playoff teams if you have 12 guys

Anonymous said...

I thought that was the reason we went to 12 teams so more ppl had a chnace to make the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I have Tom Brady...

Anonymous said...

you think thats bad anonymous, i have favre.

Unknown said...

it dont matter 4 or 6. I know im in.

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