Monday, September 8, 2008

The Bucky Five: Packers vs. Vikings

New feature here at The Bucky Channel for your Monday afternoon enjoyment. It's called "The Bucky Five". Basically, it's how we'll be previewing and reviewing things when we see fit. For example, today I'll be listing the five things I'd like to see in tonight's game against the Vikings. Please feel free to leave your own "five" in the comments as well. What happened to all the people that used to comment on here? My brother has been carrying you the last two months. Moving on....

5. Remember, this is a Packers game.

Alright, we get it. Favre had a nice little debut with the Jets yesterday. Sure, that second touchdown was about as big of a joke as they come, but we'll give him proper credit nonetheless. However, let's show support for Rodgers and the team tonight. No anti-Ted, Murphy, or McCarthy signs please. No asking if they know what they're doing. And please, for the love of God, let's limit the amount of Favre Jets jerseys at the game. Please. I don't ask for much.

4. Are these guys even ready?

Al Harris and Charles Woodson are coming in without any pre-season action under their belts. A.J. Hawk, Scott Wells, and Ryan Grant are a few of the guys that have been sitting out with injuries. Hopefully these guys have had enough work in practice so that the first game of the regular season won't seem like the last game of the pre-season.

3. Coming in cold?

I'm actually very interested in what we get out of our new punter, Derrick Frost. He was apparently brought in because he's a better directional punter than Jon Ryan, which is fine if that's the case. The kicking game often gets over looked, even though it's such a huge part of the game. If the Packers are going to win, they're going

2. Stopping All Day Peterson.

This is probably the key for the Packers if they are going to beat the Vikings. If you can stop Peterson, you'll win the game. The Packers defense didn't look entirely great against the run in the pre-season, and now they'll be put to the test against one of the league's best runners. If they can stop AP, and force the Vikings to pass, I think the Pack will be alright.

1. Here are the keys, Mr. Rodgers. Don't crash.

Aaron Rodgers has just been put behind the wheel of a team that went 13-3 last year, and is expected to compete for NFC supremacy again this season. Of course though, all of this hinges on how Rodgers plays this season. He looked good for much of August, now let's see if he can translate that into the first start of his career against the Vikings at home on Monday Night Football.

Prediction: My picks have been dreadful so far this week, but I'll stick with my prediction of the Packers winning. I'll say by 10-14 points.


Ben said...

Woodson and Harris both played against San Fran.

Winks said...

Yeah, I knew I'd fuck that up. Wrote that in a hurry.

Talking to Jon Ryan = +1 Credibility points.

Screwing up Preview = -1 Credibility points.

Anonymous said...

speaking of jon ryan, talk to him about his new seattle gig

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