Sunday, September 14, 2008

Badgers Outlast Bulldogs

I've criticized the Badgers for scheduling softies at home already this season, and I will continue to do so when they host Cal Poly later in November. But I have to give them credit for going into Fresno State this weekend, and knocking off a ranked non-conference opponent on enemy territory.

It wasn't easy for the Badgers, however. Allan Evridge hit his buddy Garrett Graham in the end zone in the 1st Quarter, but that was the only time they'd get it into the end zone. From there, they relied on the foot of kicker Philip Welch and some impressive play from the defense to win the game 13-10. P.J. Hill was 26 for 112 on the ground.

I... um.... didn't really watch most of this game, so that's about all I can say. Well... I watched it, but... you know. Anyways, Jeff Potrykus has a nice recap that gives you about everything you need to know, and Mark Stewart updates the injury that knocked Evridge out of the game.

UPDATE: The Badgers have moved up to 8th in both polls.


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