Wednesday, September 24, 2008

These Are Pretty

Hey look, alternate red Bucks jerseys! The much rumored third Bucks jersey was finally unveiled Tuesday, and will be ready for the Bucks to wear next season. From

The alternate jersey, designed by the Bucks, the NBA and Adidas, will be worn as many as 15 times and utilize the same classic trim, waistband and short taping as the title team, but with a unique reversal of the original color scheme. All of the colors have been revised with Bucks deep red serving as the body of the uniform, replacing forest green. In addition, the Bucks new word mark and number font, introduced in 2006 as part of a new logo and uniform launch, is utilized.
Not much else to add on the matter, except for the fact that I'm ordering a red Bogut jersey right after I'm done posting this.


rory said...

Those can't be official NBA jerseys--they aren't imbued with a hint of thug.


Anonymous said...

racist rory

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