Monday, September 1, 2008

Brewers Call Up Ten For Playoff Push

The Brewers clubhouse just became a little more crowded on Monday, as the Brewers announced their callups for the month of September. Milwaukee didn't seem to leave anybody out either, as they brought up a total of ten guys. The list is as follows:

3B Mat Gamel
SS Alcides Escobar
C Angel Salome
OF Tony Gwynn Jr.
1B Brad Nelson
C Vinny Rottino
IF Joe Dillon
RP Mitch Stetter
RP Mark DeFelice
RP Tim Dillard

That's a lot of guys, but for the most part, they are here to provide depth, rather than to get a large chunk of playing time. The relievers will probably see the field the most, as it's always nice to have extra arms in the bullpen.

You may see guys like Dillon and Gwynn get a spot start, but other than that these guys are going to be nothing more than pinch-runners and pinch-hitters. If the Brewers are involved in any blowouts along the way, perhaps they'll see a couple more at bats, but don't expect to see guys like Nelson, Gamel, or Escobar starting anytime soon. They are here to add depth, and get the experience of playing in The Show.

Haudricourt has plenty more information on the call-ups.


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