Friday, September 19, 2008

How Bad Am I Taking This Brewers Collapse? I Couldn't Even Watch "Major League" Today.

Things were going fine until the heard the voice of Bob Uecker as Harry Doyle. Seriously, the moment I heard Ueck's voice, I had to change the channel. No longer does Uecker's voice remind me of the great lines from Major League. From yesterday on, I'll always hear the disappointment in his voice when I heard him say "And Soto just hit a home run".

I was talking to my brother yesterday, and he expressed his sentiment to me about how bad he feels for Mr. Baseball. This guy has been watching some pretty shit teams come through County Stadium and Miller Park, and just when he thinks he's going to the playoffs to call the Brewers for the first time in a generation, they start to pull this crap.

Hopefully art can imitate life, and the Brewers can pull off an improbable run similar to that Indians team from so long ago.


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