Monday, September 8, 2008

Ushering In The Aaron Rodgers Era

Due partly to Winks having Internet issues and myself attending Aaron's first game as Packer starter and the beginning of a new era, I'll be doing the recap/reaction. First off I'll just say it was a great win. The Packers took it to the Vikings 24-19. Rodgers looked efficient, the defense played fairly well, special teams looked great and aside from the ridiculous amount of penalties the Packers looked good.

When I found out I was going to be able to attend, I really wanted to look for a few things amongst the crowd. One was how many "Packer" fans would be wearing Favre Jets jerseys. Two was how well received Aaron Rodgers would be. Sidenote: To me it is just insanely ludicrous for any supposed Packer fan to sport a Favre Jets jersey at a Packer game. Seriously, how does that support the Packers. I cannot stand these types of fans. I have no problems with anyone supporting the Jets or Favre, he did alot for the Packers and deserves the support in some ways. But not one person will ever be able to justify being a "Packer fan" and wearing a Jet Favre jersey. And if you were trying to make some kind of statement to management, you bought a ticket so way to show them! Ok I'll get off my soapbox now.

Much to my surprise I saw exactly 6 Jet Favre jerseys. I figured there would be more. Next, pretty much the entire stadium was on board with Rodgers, which was incredible and definitely a good thing. I really thought it would be an odd site to see someone other than 4 back there playing QB.......but it wasn't. At all. Consider me 200% moved on. I figured I was, but I really didn't know how until that first regular season snap.

Once the games started a group of drunk idiots decided to comment on every play how Favre would have done sooooooooooo much better than Rodgers. This really did happen for every play up until the touchdown. Not surprisingly these same guys were praising Rodgers by the end of the fourth quarter.

It was funny to hear some of the Vikings fans around us. All of them were pretty down on T-Jax. I figured I would be in for Jackson does this, this and this well kind of rhetoric but for the most part they were not blind to the at best mediocre QB they have.

The single greatest moment in the game was when Rodgers scored and did the "Lambeau Leap". The place just erupted. Unreal experience. The punt return was pretty amazing too. This seems like a great opportunity to state how phenomenal Mason Crosby is on kickoffs. There was absolutely zero wind on the kicks and he was putting them 2 yards from out of the back of the endzone. Frost was impressive as well. Special teams definitely was a bright spot. When was the last time you could say that?

It looks like all the smack talking the Vikings defense led to a whole lot of chippiness on the field. Can someone explain to me how Al Harris could body slam a Vikings player about 1 minute after the play was over and not get a flag? Same with the scrum in the endzone toward the end of the fourth quarter, no flags.

So, wasn't Jared Allen talking about how he had a picture of Aaron Rodgers in his locker or something to that sorts? Well he did his best impression of the Invisible Man tonight. Jared Allen did not have one tackle. Nothing makes me happier, I have been anti-Allen for a long time, I'm talking years.

It is truly encouraging to see Rodgers play the way he did especially after all the penalties early on. He could have pressed or packed it in at anytime, but he remained calm and collected. His scramble ability should be a huge upgrade this season as well. His throws were on and man it looked like he was throwing lasers.

All in all, the Packers played a good but not great game and came out on top against a big division rival and early consensus contender. It was a good sign that through all the penalties, the mish-mash O-line and 3rd down lapses on defense they could come out and kick a good defense and team in the teeth.


Winks said...

Thanks for the help Bear.

If anything, this was just a fun game to watch (minus Kornheiser). I watched the game at a bar, and we had a similar reaction to the Rodgers leap. When he scored the touchdown, we cheered, but the place went nuts when he jumped into the stands.

There were a lot of penalties, Packers had 12 against them. At times, it looked like the ref was laughing in disbelief when he called a foul.

Our defense has to tighten up late in games, we let the Vikings right back in that one.

I was concerned about how Ryan Grant would play, and it looks like he's back to his old (eight game) self.

1-0 baby, can't be upset about that.

ps. We'll have more on the Buzzkill Brewers later in the day.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game and there were also many Packers fans talking bad about A-Rodg early on. They were not complaining later in the game though. I did however see a lot more 4 Jets jerseys than you did. Maybe things will cool down as the season progresses. The best way to quiet the naysayers is to play well. Give the man a few games to show what he can do! Go Packers!

My 10 year old son saw his first Lambeau game with me. What a great time!

Anonymous said...

I was at the game with my bud Big Bear, and I was also wondering how the feeling was going to be about Rodgers and Favre. I was very pleased with the response, there were some idiot's wearing Favre stuff. I thought the D played very well and the offense had some great plays. I look forward to another great season and prayed the Brewers can hold on.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks again CC for the ticket, it was an awesome game to be at.

Ben said...

"Once the games started a group of drunk idiots decided to comment on every play how Favre would have done sooooooooooo much better than Rodgers."

Were you sitting by the television announcers by any chance?

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