Monday, January 12, 2009

Bucks Spin Late Surge Of Their Own

While I am not as big of a freak for 24 as Winks is, I do make sure to catch the show every week, even if it means missing one of 82 of the Antlered Deer. I did do quite a bit of surfing tonight, however in an effort to catch the gist of both programs.

Milwaukee made a Sixer/Wolves-esque comeback tonight beating the disappointing (7-30) Washington Wizards. The Bucks (19-21) had an extremely disappointing 2nd quarter, and saw themselves down most of the game including the 4th period, but a Redd-hot Michael Redd brought the Bucks back to win 97-91.

The Bucks had a healthy night of stats. Redd led the way with 29 points on 11-20 shooting. Ridnour scored 14 while dishing out 10 assists for his 5th double-double of the season. Bogut continued his double-double averages by scoring 18 and grabbing 10 boards. Mbah A Moute added 10 boards, while CV continued his bench scoring foray by netting 16.

You can really tell how a healthy Bogut and Redd together make this a difficult team to put away. Richard Jefferson, while mostly quiet lately is a great 3rd option if Redd, Bogut and CV need scoring aide.

I caught a glimpse of just how freakishly explosive Alexander can be. In the 2nd period he skied to grab an offensive rebound, came down and then sprung up and slammed home a powerful dunk. It was all wiped away due to a shot clock violation, but if everyone voting for the dunk contest would have seen the pure hops he had on that sequence, there is no doubt he would be in. Pretty impressive.

Speaking of, Marc Stein of ESPN says rumors of a possible Sessions and Alexander swap for Memphis Grizzlies point guard and former 4th overall pick Mike Conley are "legit". I have a hard time believing those are the only pieces involved if true, and I am not really sure how I would feel about it. Conley is a good defensive point guard and a player that many felt would be an out and out star in the NBA after leaving the Ohio State Buckeyes after an impressive freshman year. He is also a pass first guy who doesn't look as rushed on the floor as Sessions.

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times has more. If this does go down, which seems like it could be a real possibility, it could be a tough sell to Bucks fans who seem enamored with Sessions. Sessions does become a potential FA after this season and could demand a good amount of money for his flashes of talent. I however do like Conley's potential, consistency and defense and maybe more as a long term solution as the Bucks Point guard. Hard to argue with the moves Hammond and Skiles have made so far.

TBC's Buck of the Game: It's gotta be Michael Redd, his 29 points and huge buckets toward the end of the 4th quarter were vital to the Bucks victory.

(AP Photo By Lawrence Jackson)


Winks said...

Alexander would supposedly be a part of the deal as well.

Anonymous said...

I guess one of the reasons Grizz fans don't like Conley is this perception that he doesn't have the desire to earn his starting role back. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery.

It would suck to see Sessions & Alexander go, but Sessions is due for a decent raise next year & big boys like Redd & RJ (with their big salaries) might inadvertently send Sessions packing for Memphis.

Anonymous said...

BTW, the Wash. game was a great win for the Bucks because that's typically the type of game where they come out flat & disappoint. The good teams not only play the better teams tough, but they find it within themselves to grind it out against inferior opponents. Every game counts ... a team like the Wiz can not be taken lightly.

Did Milwaukee just match or surpass their road win mark from last season?

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