Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bogut Brings Back Bucks' Bite

The Bucks have been playing nothing short of awful lately, and that has been in large part because of the absence of Andrew Bogut. Now, with Michael Redd out for the season, the Bucks need Bogut more than ever if they are actually going to pull off the old 8th seed that gets swept routine in the playoffs. With a 96-85 win over the Raptors on Friday night, perhaps the Bucks can achieve the playoffs after all (which would me more than enough to satisfy any Bucks' fans liking at this point).

Keep this in mind however - the Bucks are nothing without Andrew Bogut. As the last week has shown us, he is far more valuable to this team without Michael Redd. And while the Bucks probably can't contend for anything more than an 8th seed without Redd, they most definitely would not even be in the position to grab the 8th seed should they lose Andy Boges.

Bogut did only play 16 minutes - the least of any Buck that saw the floor in this game - but just having him out there added a confidence level to this team that has been missing in his absence. Bogut did make the most of his time on the court, pulling down 8 rebounds and scoring 13 points.

Chuck Villaneuva lead the Bucks with 26 points and 13 minutes, while trade-bait Richard Jefferson added 17 points.

The Bucks will have little time to savor the victory as they host the Atlanta Hawks tonight at 7:30pm. The game will be broadcast on FSN Wisconsin (I refuse to just say FS Wisconsin, but I would say Fox Sports Wisconsin. Either way.)

Numb3rs. Player of the Game: It's CV statistically, but I gotta give this one to Bogut.


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