Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pack Should Hire Haslett, Immediately

Alright Packers, enough is enough. You see, when you fire someone from a position, it's customary to then hire someone else to take their place. Not let the position sit vacant so that you can watch other organizations take your candidates. After a couple of weeks of stalling, I think it might be time to finally hire your new defensive coordinator.

Fact of the matter is, Mike Nolan probably wouldn't have been the best choice, because of his love of the 3-4 and the fact he's still looking to be a head coach. Gregg Williams would have been an acceptable choice, but he just signed on with the Saints. And if Winston Moss was going to be the defensive coordinator, he probably would have been hired by now.

So what if Jim Haslett is your Plan C? Jim Haslett isn't that bad of a Plan C to have. I want a guy who will bring excitement and energy to that defense. I want a guy who will be shown by the television cameras almost as much as, if not more than, the head coach. I want a guy who is smart and can motivate his guys to reach their full potential. Don't you think Jim Haslett would be a good fit?

He's more than available, now that the Rams have told him he's out of the running for their head coaching gig. Personally, it's beginning to look like McCarthy really wants this Sean McDermott guy from the Eagles, but they could be playing for awhile yet, and I could see the Pack getting burned if they travel down that road. Basically, I really don't care at this point, I just think it's imperative the Packers hire somebody as soon as possible so that they can start focusing on next season.

And I'm reminded I forgot to mention that they promoted Shawn Slocum to the special teams coordinator position, so good for him.


Jonk said...

The Steelers were just 24-24 during Jim Haslett's three years as defensive coordinator. As a head coach, he has compiled a 47-61 record (granted, this includes the Hurricane Katrina season).

From 1998-2008, as an assistant and as a head coach, Haslett has just one playoff win on his record — and that was versus the Vikings, so I'm not sure it should count.

Is this guy a winner? I'm inclined to say "No."

Anonymous said...

Bart - don't think you will get your wish. A source close to MM told me that they did get together but it didn't go well as they didn't exactly see eye to eye, so we will have to keep searching....

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