Thursday, January 29, 2009

Presenting the Inter-Blog Mock Draft Spectacular

I'm really starting to feel the love between some of the blogs of Wisconsin sports, and I have to tell you, I'm liking whats been going on. The latest joint effort in blogging is the first edition of our "Inter-Blog Mock Draft Spectacular", a name which lacks nothing in the hyperbole department. The following are the first couple of picks in our NFL Mock Draft, which was completed by Todd from the Brew Town Beat, Dan from the Sports Bubbler, and Brad from Chuckie Hacks.

1. Detroit (0-16) (Brew Town Beat)

Matt Stafford – QB – Georgia

You knew Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford were going back to school when they saw the Lions had the top pick in this year's draft. You could argue that the Lions should take a bookend tackle like Andre Smith and scoop up one of the QBs next year, but the NFL is a wild beast and even a 4-12 record could prevent Detroit from getting their paws (no pun intended) on Bradford or McCoy next season. And then the Lions also remember that they had turds named Culpepper take snaps for them and dummards named Orlovsky run out of the back of the end zone. So congrats to Matt Stafford, who becomes the next number one pick of the draft to amount to absolutely nothing.

2. St. Louis (2-14) (Chuckie Hacks)

Andre Smith – OT – Alabama

First, as a Packers fan, I'd like to thank the Lions for setting their organization back another 4 years by selecting Stafford. Thanks. The Rams go with the biggest, baddest OT in the draft. They really wanted Jake Long last year, but had to settle for Howie's kid instead. At this point in his career, Orlando Pace is as reliable as a 1974 AMC Pacer…enter Andre Smith. He's a true mauler who can both road-grade for Steven Jackson and protect whichever crappy QB the Rams put back there. I'll be stunned if he's a bust.

3. Kansas City (2-14) (The Bucky Channel)

Aaron Curry - OLB - Wake Forest

With a new GM and a new head coach, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if the Chiefs also wanted to go with a new quarterback and selected Mark Sanchez. But besides Carson Palmer and maybe, MAYBE Rodney Peete, quarterbacks from Southern Cal really haven't had too much success in the pros. I mean, the whole reason the Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl is because Matt Leinart was benched. But I'm not sure how comfortable the new regime is going to be with Tyler Thigpen as their quarterback of the future, so we'll have to see. Still, after agonizing for a good five minutes about who the Chiefs should pick here (I'm not exaggerating, this was a hard pick to make), I'm going to go with Curry from Wake Forest. He's the best defensive player in the draft this year, and when you win only two games in a season, something tells me your defense could probably use some work. With teams having to guarantee so much money to their top picks, I think the Chiefs will go the safer route here and take the linebacker over the quarterback.

4. Seattle (4-12) (Sports Bubbler - Daily Drink)

WR - Michael Crabtree - Texas Tech

Why not? Super stud college WR played in Mike Leach's pass heavy offense. Everybody has seen the last second TD against the Longhorns. But, the Detroit Lions have proven over the past couple of seasons, drafting WRs doesn't give you W's. The Walrus is gone as the coach. Since TT left the organization, it has gotten progressively worse. Problem for Crabtree, there are no other receivers on the Seahawks that amount to jack-squat. Which means the D will have no problem shutting him down. Crabtree brings excitement, but not any W's. Peter Warrick, Mike Williams, Charles Rodgers and David Terrell anyone?

Not bad so far, eh? Because Todd spearheaded this whole Spectacular, I'm going to send you to his site for the conclusion of the mock draft. Only fair, right? There will likely be a few more of these in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned.


Todd said...

Splendid...and I figured out whatever the hell was wrong with your number 11 pick that wasn't showing.

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