Saturday, January 31, 2009

Georgetown Hoyas Are Marquette's Latest Victim

For all the time that I spend actually writing this blog, I probably spend at least twice as much time reading other great blogs written in the great state of Wisco. One of the most common themes I've discovered this week (besides Brett Favre being a D-bag) is that every Badger basketball fan is more than willing to jump on the Marquette bandwagon.

I am one of those such people, and I hope you accept me on the train. This Marquette team is just fun to watch. In each game, you can see the hard work of the seniors Dominic James, Wesley Matthews, and Jerel McNeal paying off on the floor. When Buzz Williams inherited this team, he could have screwed it up just as easily as he could have lead the team to greatness, and he's doing a very good job of the latter at this point. Marquette's 94-82 win against #25 Georgetown is another example of that.

The Hoyas kept up with Marquette in the first half, as they went to the intermission tied at 42. But lead by Jerel McNeal (standard), the Golden Eagles/Warriors were able to pull away and win yet another game in the Big East, improving their record to 8-0 (19-2 overall). McNeal lead the way with 26 points, followed by Lazar Hayward and Wesley Matthews with 23 a piece. Dominic James chipped in with 13 points.

Next up for MU - a matchup at DePaul this Tuesday at 8pm.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they aren't peaking to early. And can anyone explain why the heck this game wasn't on TV. I mean I love Homer but it would have been nice to watch it. If it was the badgers playing a game with 2 top 25 teams some channel would have picked it up. Marquette still getting no love from Wisco.

Anonymous said...

If you had Time Warner cable you would have seen it. It was on their channel #32

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